नतीजा 4 भाला बंदूक गड़बड़ अनुदान अनंत हारपून बारूद पर पैच 1.5

It didn’t take too long before an actual glitch ended up being discovered in Fallout 4’s Far Harbor DLC. Although there are other bugs like the invisible glitch that makes your character and HUD disappear, it isn’t helpful like the new unlimited harpoon ammo glitch. As of now, it currently works on PC, PS4 तथा एक्सबॉक्स पैच 1.5 के बाद एक।

Harpoon ammo isn’t all that hard to come across, but if it seems that players can’t keep enough spare harpoons on hand, there’s a new glitch that provides infinite harpoon ammo with no precise button timing, specific companions or any other time-consuming methods required to gain the infinite ammo.

First, equip your Harpoon Gun with the harpoon mod so that it doesn’t shoot Flechettes. This will enable harpoon stakes to get stuck in whatever object you are looking at to start the glitch. Once equipped, head on over to a wall that is flat or wide enough so that it compensates for accuracy and spread.

दूसरा, एक दीवार में 16 हार्पून स्टेक तक शूट करें और उन सभी को जितनी जल्दी हो सके उठाएं। पर प्लेस्टेशन you will need to press X and on Xbox you will need to keep pressing A. You should notice that one won’t go away and will keep producing more and more. If it doesn’t work with 16, try 20 stakes in the wall to see if it creates a glitched harpoon stake that keeps giving more.

यहां से, आपको अपने हार्पून गन के लिए हार्पून दांव पर अच्छी तरह से स्टॉक करने में सक्षम होना चाहिए। तुम देख सकते हो DemonAsylum अपने करीब तीन मिनट के लंबे वीडियो में गड़बड़ का प्रदर्शन करें।

This glitch is good for those who need quick ammo for their gun on the spot, since it can be done within a few seconds. Lastly, it’s no Dogmeat duplication glitch or vendor caps bug, which would be pretty sweet if those came back, but it does hold its merits due to Dogmeat being neutered from duplicating almost any item in नतीजा 4.