पतन: कैस्काडिया कुल रूपांतरण मॉड वापस पुराने कौशल, संवाद प्रणाली लाएगा

Fallout Cascadia

टीम पर काम कर रहा है नतीजा 4 कुल रूपांतरण मॉड कहा जाता है विवाद; Cascadia released the first full promotional trailer for the upcoming user-brewed expansion. It features an all new location set across the Seattle, Washington area, where you’ll explore all new areas of the wasteland and interact with all new characters while taking on all new quests. पढ़ना जारी रखें “Fallout: Cascadia Total Conversion Mod Will Bring Back Old Skills, Dialogue System”