टीम वाईपी Capcom टूर्नामेंट से प्रतिबंधित प्रायोजक

Team YP will have to self-censor to the nth degree if they hope to compete in any of Capcom’s Pro Tour events. According to the latest reports, Team YP – fully extended to Team YouPorn – has had their main sponsor, YouPorn, banned from Capcom’s events. This means no mentioning of the Team YP sponsor, no logos, no images and no showing any content related to YouPorn.

के अनुसार MCVUK, Capcom’s ruling does not prohibit the Team YP players from participating in events, but they cannot have their YouPorn sponsor actively visible, mentioned or present in any way during their presence at Capcom’s events.

It’s a confusing ruling given that Team YP is literally sponsored by YouPorn, and the article notes that even the players were confused because they thought that they were being banned, but it turns out only their sponsor is being banned.

कैपॉम ने नोट किया कि वयस्क सामग्री प्रायोजकों को उनके दौरे पर अश्लील सामग्री या वेबसाइटों के प्रकाशकों के साथ प्रतिबंधित किया गया है, या किसी भी प्रायोजक कैपॉम को "अनुचित" माना जाता है।

Now this would be fine if they were going with the “think of the children” mantra and mandated this across the board for “inappropriate” content or substances unsafe for those under the age of 18, but then there’s a really crazy part about this news: Cigarettes, tobacco companies, alcoholic beverages and vaping companies are still allowed to sponsor teams and they’re still allowed on Capcom’s tour.

Essentially, you can be sponsored by things that can easily kill you, but you can’t be sponsored by titties.

स्तन, बूझ और बंदूकें

Anyway, Team YP has been fairly vocal about it, given that this also follows a ban from the ESL who also recently prohibited Team YP from showing up to events if they’re being sponsored by YouPorn, or if YouPorn makes their presence known during Team YP’s performance. The organization took to Twitter to note that they will persevere through the hardships, including the recent decision from Capcom to distant themselves from the pornographic sponsor.

These seemingly harsh decisions being handed down against Team YP aren’t coming out of the blue. Many corporations see e-sports as the next big thing, pegging the market to be worth more than $4 billion by 2018, according to a report from सक्रिय.

Corporations like the ESL are essentially trying to “clean up” the image of e-sports to make it as “broadly appealing” as possible so it can go mainstream. I just hope before this whole thing blows up in their face, someone will send them the memo that normies don’t care about e-sports.

इस बीच टीम वाईपी ने एक हैशटैग शुरू किया है #FreeTeamYP.

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